Faith In The OC

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Car Is In The Garage!

I guess every move has it's own unique story. I'm not sure where to start except to say this has been harder than we expected. So I'll start the story now. Sit down for a bit and enjoy........

T H U R S D A Y six o'clock p.m.
I rushed home from work to pick up the truck from Uhaul. When I got there I was surprised to be in a very short line and got right to the front. The man helping me had a tag that read : "Store Manager". He pulled up my information in the computer system hitting one key at a time on the keyboard. He took my credit card and my License and asked the obligatory question, "would you like to purchase our insurance for 14 dollars?" I think he saw the look on my face at the start of the question that already stated a clear he started his sales pitch about how it will cover the vehicle and the contents.....blah blah blah. I of course held strong no matter how strong the pitch. Then he said, "so you will have this back at 7am tomorrow correct?" "Uhhhh......7am........that is not nearly enough time! I thought I had the truck for 24 hours!" He responded, "well I can see that is your preference but that does not mean that we can make it happen for you." He proceeded to print out some sort of disclosure with obscure references to exactly what was happening to me. The plan was to get the truck tonight and then pack it up. Then take off Friday morning and unpack at our pace here at the new house then use the truck to pick up the appliances that we had procured. Instead the Uhaul Store Manager changed all of that! Instead we would be loading a truck and unpacking it all in one night. o'clock p.m.
I arrived at the apartment where some of our small group from South County United had already showed up to start loading up. Now you know that I don't usually drop names here but I will this time.........First of all Rich was absolutely amazing and helped with the worst of it all. 3 flights of stairs are never fun. But everyone sacrificed, Ashley came by early and helped pack some last minute things and brought a fabulous cheese cake. Jo (Rich's wife who is also pregnant) also helped pack all the last minute stuff (which seemed to be a lot) and helped a very distraught Adalie fall asleep. Another amazing person: Jamie who we don't know all that well showed up and was incredible (amazing what people will do for others they don't even know.....AMAZING) here's to getting to know you better by packing all your junk!! Mike and Jamie and their kids were there and without their directing and pushing and comforting the job would never have gotten done like it did. Their kids helped watch ours and I think for the most part had a great time and stayed out of at least some of the trouble they would have gotten themselves in! Leo and his brother came over right away after hearing what we were up against and really pushed it all up a notch as Rich and started loosing some momentum. I think I was loosing the most. I'm really not in all that great of shape evidently.

.........30 min. after 11 p.m.
Mike and I arrive at the new house and begin to unpack the truck into the garage. We're both pretty spent at this point and had already made a fatal mistake of downing a cold beer before starting the unpacking. Not to mention the fact that Mike seemed to have eaten something that didn't agree with his digestive system and without saying to much his system was letting us both know!! We finished unpacking at 12:45 and called it a night.

F R I D A Y 7:30 AM
I dropped the truck off at Uhaul without any issues. I was kinda scared something would come up and I'd be charged some un-godly rate but was not so that is good. Jamie (Mike's wife) met me at the apartment and helped clean up the last bits. Also Andy Q. Came by with Santiago. Santiago was one of those guys that stands outside of hardware stores looking for labor type work. He was an amazing worker and made the project so much more smooth. It was amazing.

So there is always more to the story than what is told here but for now that is all. Thanks for reading and praying. A HUGE shout out to the people that helped us move. It could not have been done without you!! THANK YOU!!!