Faith In The OC

Friday, August 05, 2005

So we got no sleep last night. Adalie was up ALL night. I'm very tired right now.........I'm praying for the strength to make it through the day.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hey Y'all! It's been awhile again. Been so busy!! Work has been crazy and I've been working really long hours almost every day. Today I am taking the day off to spend some time with my family with no agendas of having to get anywhere. I'm sitting out here with Adalie while she eats here chereo breakfast right now!!

I went to a hardcore concert with my brother on Saturday. We went to see Haste The Day. I don't expect anyone to really know who they are but they are one of my favorite hardcore bands. An interesting thing happened while I was there. While I was standing watching one of the bands play I had a day dream type thing. I was standing there and a guy got up on stage. He had a gun and lifted it up, pointing it directly at me. He said, "What are you gonna do now!?" I lifted my hands up and said, "For me to die is to live in Christ!" This kinda scared me a little. I'm not so sure I like the idea of dieing. Anyway a little bit later Jason and I were talking about how certain people have the spirit of God with them so much that when they walk into the a room the feeling in the room changes (Haste The Day was like that). How amazing it would be to be walking so closely with God that other people, Christians and non Christians alike could feel his amazing presence! As we were thinking about that I was thinking that this isn't something that just happens. It comes at a cost because to live in Christ and to have him live in you means you have to die to yourself and the world around you. After thinking about this all night and a lot of Sunday it started to click that God was asking me to die to myself in some area's that I am not dead to right now. Wow! So what next? I think the next step is to start asking where it is that I have started living as the world again. And then asking God to change me and take that back. I don't know that I like this process. I'm not even sure that I really want to have to go through it again but I do know that I want to live with Christ. I do know that I want him to use me and I do know that I want him to walk with me in such an apparent way that people will notice the difference. So yes - For me to die is to live in Christ! and for me to live in Christ is to really live!!