Faith In The OC

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Happy weekend to everyone out there! We have had an interesting week. Lots of changes coming our way it looks like. First I will more than likely be taking a new position at Countrywide. I will be a loan officer for a new tract of houses. It's a pretty big deal and a very significant jump in pay. No guarantees but probably double what I make now. We'll see. We're just praying that God does what he wants cause this whole thing certainly hasn't been us. 10 months ago I didn't know the next thing about home loans!!!

The other pretty crazy thing is that we were contacted by a church that we've led worship for once to come on board with them and lead worship. It's certainly not a full time position right now (In fact one of our suggestions to them if we accept this position will be to not pay us anything). We're praying about this opportunity and are planning to stop by tomorrow and check things out from the outside looking in instead of the other way around. Sometimes the prospective is a lot different. Anyway - we'll see. Again more prayer is needed for this. We don't want to jump into this if it isn't where we're supposed to be right now. It has a huge potential to spread us very thin.

Last week I met a pastor from India. Amazing stories! It was interesting to here a perspective of God from someone in a completely different situation than we may ever see here. He plants churches in small very poor towns and pours Jesus' love on people. One of the things he said about evangelism I thought was really cool. I'm sure if you've been following this blog or if you know me, you know how opinionated I am about certain methods of evangelism. Well this guy nailed it! He was talking about how doors open to being able to talk about Jesus with people and he said the best way is to meet a need first. And not just meet a need but meet a need out of true love. The pure kind of love that really doesn't have a motive of selfishness. The idea is to give and serve freely and let God open doors to give testimony of himself. I just wanted to jump out of my seat and hug this guy when I heard him talk like this. Another thing that I thought was really amazing: because of their situation financial in India, a paid position for a pastor is very difficult to come by. The people in the church usually can not afford to pay for something like that. So they have started buying rice patty fields as God blesses them with enough money to do so. The land provides enough income to help pay for the ministry and then the pastors. Amazing!! I think it's such a foreign thought here to imagine a different way to pay for ministry than to take it from the pockets of those in church. Not that we shouldn't give to the "church" but can you imagine what we could do with the money we give back to God if there weren't so many other places for it to go. I mean a building, a staff, etc. You can make a list a mile long because church is such business now.

I must raise this question again: "Should a pastor be paid?" I am nearing at least some sort of answer that I can't wait to share - so on the look out.

With all of that being said I will sign off for now. I'm excited and encouraged about what God is doing and where He has us right now. This road has been long and certainly not even close to finished but the testimony of what He has done for us is incredible. All Glory to the One True God!!