Faith In The OC

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

OK - It's been a month since I last posted something here so for you who are still checking here is the update! God is good! He has been doing a lot of healing in Colleen and I and in our ministry of worship. I will confess that I really thought that I was only called to be a worship leader for a short time, after we left the Portico. I didn't think that was where God had us anymore, but as usual, I was wrong. I still don't know what it looks like and I'm not sure that I'm material for the traditional worship leader on staff at a church but only God knows that for sure. I do know that the anointing I received a couple years ago is still in effect today. That being said it is certainly not something to sit on and let go to waste. He put that in me for a reason.

For the past few months we have been attending a church right here in Irvine called New Community. There is a lot of really cool people there and they are all talking about the same kind of lifestyle that we have been attracted to for a long time. It's the whole idea of community and changing church up a bit. It has to look a little different and needs to be more centered on Jesus than what it seems to have been in the past. Anyway we started helping the worship leader out a bit (actually quite a bit - every Sunday) for the last couple months and then got asked to go with he and his wife to another church they were leading at called South County United. It was a really cool experience and we walked away with a lot of new friends. It actually felt more like home than any church we've visited since The Portico. A couple weeks after we played there we were asked to actually lead worship which we hesitantly accepted and did last Sunday. It was an amazing time of worship and God really used us to bring people into His throne room. It was for Colleen and I a time of healing and a time of re-vitalization, if you will. It brought back the understanding that God was not finished with His plan for us down here in Southern California and that there just might be more opportunity to Lead like this.

So really all of that to say that God is still pulling out the stops on us and it surprises me every time! I have become convinced that you can never stop reaching for the goal until the day you die. God is never finished. The finish is when your finished. He doesn't give up even when we let go. I like it that He surprises me. I like it that He keeps me close to Him. What an awesome God we have. No matter how cliche that sounds, it is really quite true!

Other than that things are good. Work is amazing and for the most part I am really enjoying my job here at Countrywide. I have gotten a chance to meet a lot of cool people through it, and I have learned so much about the industry. The kids are good. They are growing fast and still loving the sun and all of the parks close by. Colleen is keeping her hands in people's hair as much as possible and is keeping our home a warm place to come home to every night for both me and all sorts of other people that we are meeting.

If your reading - please keep praying. The work is still not done. More to come soon...........