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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Raid

This morning I was awoken by a knock on our door. It took me a while to get some clothes on and get down the stairs but by the time I got there the knocking had become violent and the person on the other end was also ringing the door bell incessantly. I was a little concerned about who in their right mind would be knocking on my door so early in the morning (I guess not too early.......6:30am). I tried to look out the peep hole but all I could make out was the outline of a man's face so I peaked out the side window. Lined up along our walk way is a bunch of cops. They all have their hands on their guns and they looked like they meant business. Kinda scary to say the least. I open the door as fast as I can not wanting to irritate a bunch of guys ready to draw their weapons. The sheriff at the door had a bunch of papers in his hand and one had a picture of someone. He asked me if this man lived at this house and of course he didn't so I said no, we just moved in a month ago. They wanted to see my I.D. and wanted to know why I didn't have a change of address form yet. I wasn't sure how to answer but it didn't seem important to them anymore. By this point they had all filed into our house and were shining their flash lights around maybe thinking that I was trying to hide whoever it was they were looking for. After the sheriff verified I was who I said I was they all left very apologetically and trying to explain themselves by telling me this man has a warrant out for his arrest. I'm not sure but they seemed pretty bummed that they didn't find who they were looking for which is also a little concerning. Cops don't come looking for you if you had a traffic citation that wasn't paid. I imagine they would only come looking for someone at 6:30 in the morning if it was pretty serious. Anyway - happy Monday morning!!!!!


  • At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Jered said…

    Stephen, did you fail to disclose your run-in with Satan in 1997?

    I'll pray for you.


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