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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bitter. Sweet.

We are moving out of our apartment and into a house. Tonight has been the last night of packing before loading up the truck tomorrow evening. It's exciting but at the same time there are such amazing memories here. Not all of them great but hard to leave none the less. And oh if these walls could talk!!

Part of the story of this apartment is that it was our first down here in Orange County. And what a blessing it was!! We had been staying in other people's houses for 3 months by the time I finally found work and we could move in here. It was amazing just to have a place to call our own. But as is rest in our lives, that seemed to be a little short lived. Soon after moving in it felt like the walls of Orange County were closing in on us. We experienced a lot of pain and heart break here. A lot of wondering if we did the right thing. Even talk of just throwing in the towel and moving back to what we knew (Portland). A lot of sleepless nights wondering why on earth God would bring us down here just to leave us alone here.

Even though alone was the feeling it certainly wasn't the truth. We also experienced a lot of healing and growth here. A lot of searching our hearts and God's to know what was next. I don't think that we have come to any solid answers except that life is always about searching for the deeper truth. One layer at a time. There are very little absolutes. There is always something more waiting to be discovered right behind the first discovery. God is a mystery and I can never really figure out what the next step looks like or why we have to take the steps that we do.

With all that being said this apartment will always have a place in our hearts. Not maybe one of the greatest places we've lived but definitely one of being reassured of God's love for us and the truth of His love for us. I'm pretty excited to see what's next and how this last 13 months will play into the next.

So now.............some sleep for the weary..............


  • At 8:49 AM, Blogger Kristin said…

    I personally am very glad for that appartment :o) It is where we first had dinner togeher and got to know you both! You both totally ROCK! Thank you for not "throwing in the towel". You have been a such a blessing to SCU. You guys have brought a hope and an energy at a time that it was/is so needed.

    Love you guys!!!

  • At 2:54 PM, Blogger Stephen Baker said…

    Thanks Kristen!!


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