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Monday, July 18, 2005

Happy Monday!! Wanted to give the update. Life has been very busy the last couple weeks. My boss here at Countrywide is out of town getting married so the majority of the work has landed with me which is OK - just stressful at times.

A lot of energy has been devoted to worship and that has been good. Yesterday was a little crazy. We led at 2 different churches but God showed up both times and especially at the 2nd church we led at. It was incredible. To start off my good friend Agusto came a long to play percussion with us which was blast! He needed a ride so I picked him up from the bario in Orange at 8am. Then back to the house to pick up the rest of the family. Our car is just not quite big enough to hold all of us plus one more so Agusto had to sit on the floor. I'm sure this is illegal but we made there and back OK. The first service went well. I think people were touched and there was some worship. I think it's a little hard for them because we are new and have a much different style than the previous worship leader. That can always be a little strange. I think the thing that I really want to get across there is that worship is not about the music or even the words that we so many times mindlessly sing. They appear on a screen and we just follow along because, well that's what we do at church right!? I fall into that even as a worship leader. It's hard not to. But that really is the challenge. Another hard thing is that we've switched things up a bit at Pathways. Worship was always on the front end of the service and now we have moved it to the back end which is a little hard for them I think. I might back off from that a little bit and do at least 2 upfront and the 4 on the back end (or how ever many it ends up being).
It was a very hot day and so thanks to a couple in the church we hung out at their house that was in the area until we had to be at the next church (South County United). A lot of cool stuff is happening there. A lot of change here too. The pastor is leaving to start another ministry or whatever it is that God calls him to do next (which we know a little something about!!). It was cool to see how the people were processing through this change and how this really is a place of worship and community. So many times people attend a church because of the pastor or because of a worship leader or something else that is material. SCU has a much different outlook and I'm excited to see what happens there.


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