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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

. . : : N E W S F R O M T H E S O U T H : : . .
We have made it home safe but what a trip! On the way home we had to replace al 4 tires on the car. A bit of a story so I won't tell it all right now but the short of it is that it came down to really needing to replace them or be stuck in Cornning California. Crazy. God worked it out though - the people at Les Schwab really helped us out and gave us a great deal. We had some trouble with my pay getting direct deposited into our account. Again God made it possible to move money around and we were able to make it home. When we got home everyone started getting sick. We were up all night with Leif last night and even had to take him to the emergency room to get him checked out at 3 in the morning. Now it appears that Colleen has the same thing. Not quite as violent at this point and we are praying that it will stay that way.

So there is the news for now. Please pray with us as we work through this week with sickness. I'll write more soon!


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