Faith In The OC

Monday, December 13, 2004

Good morning all. It was a nice weekend away from it all for us. We had a nice time hanging out with my brother and sister and their other halves. Nice big dinner and lots of great talk. It's good to have family! Hope you all had a good weekend.

O F N O T E:
This Sunday the message was one that really made sense to me and I would like to share some of it. Coming up on Christmas I'm sure that every pastor is trying to figure out what kind of message to bring. It's hard to bring something that will challenge and bring newness to this season. What I heard this Sunday was a great challenge. They spoke about leaving Jesus behind. That may sound somewhat clique but it is true. Around Christmas time we tend to leave Him in the Manger. It's not bad to celebrate that because obviously that was an amazing day and the begging of something incredible! The challenge however is not to leave Him there while we live our lives. To live as though He is standing right next to us because He is! It got me to thinking about how I look at him the whole year round. He does seem like something unattainable but that is untrue. He is not in the manger anymore, He is not stuck on the cross and He is not stuck up in the sky somewhere. The spirit is here with us always. Not a new concept at all but one that was a good reminder for me. It makes it all so much more real. Jesus was born and died and then rose again so we could have have a real relationship. He broke down the wall between us and God. We can have that relationship. So, for me this Christmas I really want it to be less about all the symbolism and more about my relationship with God and with those around me who need Him.

Still stay tuned: I am still working through my thoughts on paid positions within church. I have some things I am excited to share. Coming soon...........