Faith In The OC

Friday, December 03, 2004

Hello to another Friday! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and all. We traveled out to my uncle's house in Beaumont. It should have been an hour drive but the traffic was so bad that it took 3 hours to get there and 2 to get back. Crazy! It was a good time though. Got to see family that we haven't seen in years. It was nice to catch up some.

We have started going to a church called New Community right here in Irvine. The pastor, Tim Timmons, is a really great speaker and is talking about a lot of the stuff we are going through right now so that is cool. I'm still trying to collect my thoughts on church and how it should look. The thing is that it looks different for everyone. Just like we were talking about originals, for us it needs to be about community and closeness. It's about getting to really know people. So many times I feel like we go to church and put on the "church face". There seems to be an unsaid (sometimes it is said) rule that when we come to church we need to leave our problems and all the mess of life at the door. So if that is the case then what do we have? Well, a bunch of fake people. It just makes church a show. Personally I just can't do that anymore. I don't want to go to the show and I don't want to put it on. I want to be close with people and know what it is that drives them and what drags them down. I want to be able to share my own life with people. I really need and know other people do as well to be built up so that I can go out again. That isn't something that should happen once in awhile. That is a constant thing.

My next question: Should a pastor be paid? I'll share my thoughts next time........