Faith In The OC

Friday, September 17, 2004

I am writing to you all from work! How wonderful it is to say that. J It’s been a little hard coming back. It was nice to have a break but it also feels very good to have a job to come to in the morning. I have a window right next to me so that is nice. I get to see outside a little bit. I am learning a ton about home loans. If you have any Mortgage questions or need one let me know! The office is small. Only a handful of people which is a huge difference from my last job. It’s nice to be in such a teamwork oriented work environment.

Adalie is doing great. She remains to be the easiest baby. She doesn’t cry all that much. Only when she is really really hungry. The boys are really warming up to her which is great. It’s fun to watch them hold her and give her kisses.

An Update On The Portico:We had our first Sunday morning at the Ugly Mug. It was great. A little rough around the edges but that is the way we are anyways. I think I got used to being out on the steps of Chapman University and didn’t realize how much I had adapted to it. Being back inside will be a bit of an adjustment for us all but we are really looking forward to what God has for us and the community there at the Ugly Mug.

For now that is all. I will keep you all updated of course. Please keep praying with us for the daily challenges planting a church. Thank you for being with us in prayer in all that we have been through to get us to this moment. It’s not over yet. Keep praying!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

OK - I have the promised pictures.

Here is some of our news:

The Praises:
  • I start my new job tomorrow!
  • Colleen is recovering remarkably. She is already up and running and it's almost impossible to get her to sit down.

The Prayers:

  • My start day at work was pushed back and so at this point we are a little short for rent. I am excited to see how God works in this. We can already see it moving.
  • Continued health for Colleen and Adalie.