Faith In The OC

Friday, September 03, 2004

Hello from sunny California! There is so much to tell. We don't have internet access so that is why this has been so spotty. Sorry for that. We're working on getting something hooked up very soon. Here is the news:

We have moved into our new apartment! We are so excited to have our own place. It wasn't without it's own set of trials though. We looked at so many apartments and very few of them had a washer and dryer in the unit and many of them did not have a refridgerator either. So we started looking hard at the ones that did. They were all expensive but we figured that in the long run it would be worth it. The first one we looked at was in Irvine. The problem there was that I didn't make enough money. I needed to make $4700 a month! Kinda crazy. So that was out. The next one we looked at was right here in Orange but did not feel very warm. You had to walk down a long hall kinda like a hotel. Parking was in a parking structure and the view was of the parking structure and the freeway. It was a little cheaper though and they said they were pretty sure all of our income and credit looked good. We paid the $60 fee to apply and then got denied. No it wasn't for income. It wasn't because of credit. It was because Colleen didn't have a job and hadn't had one in the last 6 months! That was a very discouraging day. So we came back to Irvine after finding an apartment even cheaper than what we had been looking at. They worked with us and got us in! It is on the third floor so that is a little less desirable but it is our own place and it feels really big. The kitchen is huge and all the appliances are new. It has 2 swimming/hot tub areas that also have BBQs built in to big counter tops. We, of course, have been getting some use out of that! Praise God for a place to live that is our own.

I did get a job and was told that I would be able to start on the first of this month but evidently the company takes a long time to hire people and now it won't be until the 15th at the soonest. This is obviously not good since I was counting on the money to pay rent and all of my other bills. Please pray that God would provide. I know He has a plan. His sovernty is very apparent in all of this. Another thing I know to be true for us is that God wants to use us to bring glory to Him. For this time it does mean induring some things that are less than ideal but the end is way more than! This is not only for us but for anyone that chooses to step out of the boat and walk on water. It's tough. I can't lie - I've started to sink on more than one occasion. But I do know that Jesus is right there to pick me up and help me to continue walking with Him on the water.

So I am sure what everyone has been dying to know: Is there a baby yet!? No.
Adalie, much like our boys, is late. The first of this month was the due date but she has still not made any attempt to come out and see us. Colleen had a Dr. Appoint. today where they monitered and did an ultra sound. Everything looks good and we have another appointment on Tuesday so at that point if she still has not come out we'll talk about inducing I'm sure. Keep praying for saftey for both Colleen and Adalie.

Portico is still amazing. We are investing so much time into the people around us as we live our lives. You can pray as this month holds some big changes though. This Sunday (the 5th) we are having our first babtism. We are all very excited for the people who are stepping up and shouting that they are a follower of Christ. The following Sunday (the 12th) we are starting our sunday morning services at a coffee shop here in town called the Ugly Mug. It's a really great place to hang out and perfect for what we are doing so we are very excited.

Keep praying. There is still a storm. There are big waves. It's crazy and it's scary. We're cerntainly not in control.