Faith In The OC

Saturday, July 03, 2004

First Another Huge Shout Out:
Moves are never fun to make but we have had some major help and I just want to thank those people. It would not have been possible without the help we received.

First again thank you to everyone who supplied financial means for us to get down here. There were several of you and you know who you are. Thank you for wanting to be part of something crazy. I'll tell you how far God has spread that money in just a minute.

I also want to thank everyone who has been praying. This is the biggest request that anyone doing what we are doing could ask for. It feels a little clique for me to say this but: We could really feel all of the prayer. There was no doubt that God was covering us the entire trip and we appreciate the prayers more than you could know!

Our movers were great! I am going to drop names this time! My best friend Kevin stayed the night with us on Monday and then got up early with me on Tuesday to start tearing apart the house and then helped me get the truck. He stayed until he had to go to work at 4:30 but without his help we would not have made it (by the way, Kevin had to work from 4:30 that night to 10. Then had to get up and work at 9 in the morning the next day. Not only that but he stayed up with until about 1 in the morning the night before!) Kevin if you are reading this: THANK YOU! Colleen's Mom and Dad (Vic and Dana) helped out quite a bit as well. They took care of our kids countless times during the move process to give us more time to pack as well as coming on the day of our move to help us finish packing, clean and get everything into the truck. They also supplied lunch and dinner on that day! THANK YOU! My parents arrived safely from their long trip to get to us and started in right away as well. They helped pack up some last minute boxes and clean as well. Of course they got up early with us the next day and took our kids with them back to their house. Another 12 or 13 hour drive! THANK YOU! Jon and Jana Cochran: first they are letting us stay with them for a little while. Amazing! Jon helped me unpack the truck into a storage unit which sounds a little easier than packing it but that is NOT true. We got a storage unit here in Orange but it is on the second floor. The cost was just too much for anything else. The problem with this of course is that every thing has to be loaded onto an elevator and then hefted down a couple hallways to our unit. On top of that it feels like about 1500 degrees in there and so we were just pouring sweat. Jana and Colleen packed boxes on the cart to send up to us. (a side note: when we unload this thing I am going to make sure there are like 20 in shape guys there to help get it all out!) Jon and Jana, THANK YOU!

Now On To The Story:
Ok so here is the story. That's what's so cool about road trips right!? We left the house at 7:30 AM on Tuesday. We got about 10 miles down the road (for those in Portland: right by the Hwy 217 onramp off of I-5) when we started hearing some metal dragging on the ground. We pulled over and found that the jack that holds up the trailer when it is not connected to the truck had broken and was dragging on the ground. I called the road side assistance for Budget and the guy asked me if I had something I could just tie it up with. I didn't and so he said he would have someone come out. 2 HOURS LATER a guy showed up with a piece of rope to tie up the jack. The problem with tying it rather than fixing it is that in order to get the trailer off of the truck this jack is required. In order to empty the truck the trailer has to come off. I brought this to the road side assistance guy and he said that I would be able to bring the trailer to the drop of place and they could deal with it and then I could unload the truck and then deliver the truck. This made some sense at the time, seemed like an inconvenience but not one we couldn't work through.

So we finally got back on the road at 9:30AM. The rest of the trip was pretty smooth. Colleen and I did a lot of talking and just enjoyed being out on the road. We stopped in Eugene to have lunch with my aunt which was wonderful. Almost immediately after crossing the California border we hit some pretty heavy rain that then turned into pin ball size hail. It was coming down so hard that we had to pull off the side. Now this a little harder than it may seem. First we are in a very loaded up truck that is also pulling a trailer with a very loaded up car on it. The breaks were not at an optimum stopping level. So it got a little dicing stopping the truck going downhill in the hail! We waited it out for a bout 20 minutes and just enjoyed the show. Shortly after that we started seeing lots of lightning. That was fun and beautiful. The lightning looked as if it were striking behind Mount Shasta and so it just looked beautiful! We then stopped in Redding to visit one of Colleen’s friends. Here is another story: It is very hard to find a good parking spot for a truck and trailer like this. We were not far off from being the same size as a semi truck and so it is VERY difficult to get in and out of places. We of course wanted In and Out and so we pulled into a Circuit City parking lot to attempt to park behind it. Well the road that appeared to go behind it actually is a dead end. So now we were stuck. The Budget people had made it very clear that we should never back the truck up so I tried to turn it around. It became obvious that this was not going to work either and so I had to back the truck. This was a huge learning experience!! The good news is that we got out and also got our In and Out!

We stopped traveling at about 3AM in Sacramento. We tried to find a rest stop to stop and just sleep in the truck but they were all full. We ended up stopping in a side road and slept for about 3 hours. We got back on the road around 5AM and drove all the way here to Orange and arrived safely here around 3:30PM.

The story is not quite over though. If you'll remember in the beginning about the trailer jack. Friday I drove the truck and trailer to the drop off destination to drop off the trailer. They were very rude and told us that they would not take the trailer. When I asked what I should do then they said: "we don't know". So we drove the truck back to Jon’s house and jacked it up with a car jack and some jack stands. So Budget trucks are VERY nice and new. Ours only had 9000 miles on it when we picked it up. As far as trucks go this one was very comfortable and relatively easy to drive. The trailer on the other hand has been a bit of a situation and since Budget doesn't really have their own drop off site (it's all private businesses that become a franchise) it can get difficult to deal with. The upside to all of this is that Budget's customer service line is really nice and they have said that they can adjust the cost of the trailer for us. Praise God for that. I can deal with the hassle and the rude people to get a little money off! The truck and trailer will be dropped of this morning and we can be done with it!

The Praises:
--> We had a VERY safe trip. God was taking care of us the whole way!
--> We only ended only ended up spending about $260 on gas. I was planning on spending a good deal more than that.
--> We have a place to stay for awhile here in Orange.
--> We have our things stored in a good storage unit for a reasonable rate.
--> We are enjoying great sunny weather!

Prayer Requests:
--> I will be hitting the job market hard this coming week. Please pray that God will provide a job that will provide both the time I need to really be a part of the Portico and be with my family as well as pay the bills.
--> We have found a great townhouse in a really cool neighborhood. Please pray that God would provide the money needed to start this process and of course pay the rent!
--> Please continue praying that God will work in amazing ways through us and the Portico here in Orange County!

Once again thank you for all of your prayers, the time spent helping us, aching muscles after moving ALL of our financialnd the financal means that many of you have given. THANK YOU!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Hey everyone! We are here safe. We have lots of stories to tell but right now I am needing some serious sleep. We got to Orange about 3:30PM. Tomorrow we will be looking for a place to store our stuff. I'll write more soon. Thank you all for the prayers!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Moving Day!
The truck is getting packed. It is going very well and we will be able to fit everything in the 15 foot truck! Praise God for that! It is a bit of a hectic day which I am sure you can all imagine but we have some really great help. Thanks to family and best friends!

So tomorrow morning we head out. Please pray for safety for both us and the truck. We had the option of paying for collision insurance on the truck but it was WAY to expensive and so if something happens to the truck we have to pay for all damages out of pocket or buy a new truck if it's bad enough. Please pray that God sends His army to surround and protect us on our journey.

For all of you in Portland:
Goodbyes are hard to say. We love you. We love this city. You and it will be VERY missed. I have actually had some tears. This move is very bitter - sweet. For right now it's a little bitter because we do have to say goodbye. We love all of you. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers and we will probably also try to get you to move to California!! We will be back and we'll be sure to let you all know when we do. Everybody's gonna want to meet Adalie! Again we love you all! God Speed!

Stay tuned. I am sure that the best is yet to come!!

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Hey! Lots of packing going on here. I wish I could say that we were all packed and ready to go but that is not the case. We had been shooting for completion yesterday but we just couldn't make it. Way too much to do. Today we stayed home from church to try and get it all done. I am sitting in a pretty empty office right now. My typing is echoing! :) There is still time left in the day so hopefully we knock it all out today. If not it will be tomorrow.

We have Colleen's last Dr. Appointment to check on Adalie. It has been a very smooth pregnancy thus far so no concern. It is a little hard though because we have liked our Dr. So much. He is a Christian guy which we didn't know when we started seeing him when Leif was on the way but through talking it became pretty apparent and when Ezra was born he came back in the room later and prayed over Ezra. Blew my mind. So we kinda wish we could move him with us! Then we have lots of loose ends to take care of. Tuesday is the day we pack the truck so that day is pretty much shot. My parents come into town around 2 and so they will be able to help and then we are going to have one last BBQ and possibly some fireworks. Depends on how tired we are!

Prayer List:
--> We need a place to live. Thanks to Jon and Jana we will have a place to land for our first couple days and we will set up operation there to get everything situated.
--> To get a place to live I still need a job. We are praying for a job that allows me to do what we are moving to Orange County to do but will also pay our bills which will be high.
--> Health Care. It appears that since Colleen is pregnant it will not be difficult to get on the California Medical Plan. We are praying that this will be a smooth process and that there isn't a huge gap in insurance. Adalie is due September 1st which is only 2 months away.

Some of these things seem impossible. But I know that God has a plan. We would not have gotten this far if this was not His will. We have totally given it up to Him because it is just too big and we didn't want to make a wrong move. So this is God. He does have a plan and we are excited to see how it works out.

--> Again all to God's glory we have all but 300 dollars that is needed to make our move.
--> We are praising God that we have a place with Jon and Jana to land when we arrive in the OC!
--> I am just basking in the fact that all of the details are coming together and I haven't done any pushing. It's all God. This move and all of the small miracles that are equaling a VERY big one are all God and none of me. We feel so priveledged to be chosen for something like this. A couple years ago I might not have felt that way but God choose us to have incredible faith, gave us the training for it, gave us the strength for us, and is working everything out better than we could ever have planned ourselves!

So there it is.