Faith In The OC

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Hi From The OC! We had a safe trip last night. Just thought I would let everyone know that we are here and having fun!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Welcome to our new Blog! Here is a post from last Wed. No updates yet except that I went and bought some new interview clothes. I even got a tie! Yes that's right Stephen will be wearing a tie and a long sleeve shirt. Some of the piercings are even coming out for this event. Amazing isn't it!!??

Happy Wed. everyone! Hope everyone has had a nice weekend. Ours was quick but good. Got to see some friends we haven't see in a while. So here is what the current news is:

My lay off date at Stream has moved up a week. The current date is June 18th. We are planning on actually making the move to Orange sometime around July 1st.

Prayers have been answered regarding us breaking our apartment lease. We will be able to move without paying the normal costs of breaking a lease!! This is really good news. So much so that when our apartment manager came to tell us, Colleen gave her a big hug! :)

We are going down to Orange to meet everyone involved at The Portico, job interviews for me and to check out possible living arrangements. The "we" part of this is a praise as well. Colleen wasn't originally going to be able to come because of financial limitations but her grandmother wouldn't hear it and so paid for her ticket. We were able to book her on the same flight and even get seats next to each other! We will be leaving the night of June 4th and coming home the night of June 8th. Please pray for safe travels and productive interviews and home searches.

Here is a list of other prayer requests that we have:

*Stephen still needs a job
*We need an affordable apartment, one that will fit our new budget, preferably a three bedroom with the new baby coming
*We need health insurance coverage or enough money to pay out of pocket for labor and delivery
*We need to find a good OBGYN
*There is also the cost of moving we are praying that God will supply:
-First Months rent and Deposit on new house or apt.

That's a run down of it all. Thanks so much for all of your prayers! We really appreciate you standing behind us in this way. We'll let you know when we know more!