Faith In The OC

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Good morning to you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS! What a year this has been. I keep thinking that a year ago we were so unsuspecting of what was ahead. It really has been quite a ride. We have been down here in SoCal for 6 months now. It doesn't seem to get any less crazy. But then I guess anyone who knows us well enough will know that this is a common thing in the life of the Bakers! I am just so thankful this Christmas (and all year round) for God's provision for us. We have never gone hungry, never gone without a roof and all glory to Him for that. I also just want to say again, thank you to everyone who helped us through this transition. So many of you prayed and helped financial and helped with a place to stay and helped with brute strength to get our stuff into a truck, out of a truck into storage, out of storage back into several trucks, back out of the trucks and then up 3 flights of stairs! I thank all of you! It's so amazing to have friends and family around us that are willing to help out like that. I will never forget what you have done! Again Thankyou to you all and once more:



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