Faith In The OC

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Good morning! Thanksgiving is almost here! We kinds of skipped right over it and already set up our Christmas tree and decorations. It feels very nice and cozy. It's been cold here. Feels even a little bit like Portland.

T H E J O U R N E Y:
So this is a long time coming for all of you. First of all I have to say thank you for all of your prayers and everything else that so many of you gave to us. Please don't stop praying. Here is what's been going on in this journey down here in SoCal.

It's been a very interesting and difficult time in our lives. A little over a month ago we stepped down from our position at The Portico. Most of the reasons I can not really go into too much detail about here. For now we are really focusing on our family and our new life here in Southern California which looks a lot different than it did in Portland and then of course my new job as well. We are searching ourselves and God to find what it is that He is calling us too next. There is no doubt that Portico was what God was asking us to come here and do but the time frame was much smaller than I had imagined it would be. A lot of what God has been showing us is our original passion and call. I am trying to put everything that He has shown me in the last couple years into focus and really dive into what it might be that He is asking. I will write more about all of that soon. I want to continue to share this journey with everyone who is willing to listen (or read!). Please continue praying for us as we go forward from here and continue this walk of faith. There really is no doubt that it is a continued journey of faith but one also of hope and of love. I stand in the knowledge that God has not changed His mind about us and continues to have a plan for us everyday. I have shared this quote a couple times now but it is fitting once again. Before we made the move down here I asked for a bigger picture. Like all of us, I think, I just wanted to know more. God told me: “I can not show you more than the step you’re on because if I did you would either turn and run or jump to the end.” So very true! Stay tuned as this story unfolds. There is definitely more to come!


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