Faith In The OC

Friday, November 05, 2004

Good morning -
Friday! It's been a busy week here. It's gone really fast. Not really sure where it all went! We've booked our first show here. November 19th we will be playing a local coffee shop. We have some new music to share and are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with live music. It's been awhile so there is a lot of practice needed!

There is still more to share. Still I need to find the words to say and so stay tuned. More is to come. I will say this. God has a way of using all circumstances for His glory. That has not and will not change. I can't say it enough how He is in charge and I am not. I need to learn how to walk in the day He has me in and not push ahead too far. It always ends up different than I planned.

Thank you for continuing to read and share this move with us. God is not done with any of us and His plans are to great for me to fathom. Continue praying with us for guidence and strength.


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