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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Hey everybody,
Sunday afternoon. Just finished up a birthday party for Jon's daughter Maggie. The kids had a lot of fun. Church was great today. We are still meeting on the steps for the next couple weeks. It has been a blessing to be there especially since it's free! We will be moving into a coffee shop called The Ugly Mug the Sunday after labor day. It's a really great opportunity. The owner is letting us use it for a VERY small fee. He will be open for business which is also really cool. So pray that God would work as we transition from the great outdoors to an enclosed space.

Our time with my sister Aimee and her husband Justin has been good. I'm sure they will be glad to be rid of us and our loud kids tomorrow though! We will be headed out to Monrovia to stay with my Grandma for a few days and then after that we have had a couple of other offers. God is good! He is allowing us to rest a little and know that we have a roof. It's been really hard not knowing.

The Praises:
  • We have our first Dr. Appoint here in Orange for Adalie. It will be tomorrow (Monday, 11:15am). The Dr. We found is really great and we Medi-Cal will be paying for everything so praise God for that! This was also weighing heavy.
  • We still have a roof over our head. We will be staying with Aimee and Justin for another night and then from Monday to Friday we will be with my grandma out in Monrovia. After that if we still need to stay with someone we have had 2 offers from friends at The Portico.

Prayer Requests:

  • I still need a job. We are praying for one that would be fun for me and also pay enough to meet our needs here in on Orange County. I am certainly not closed to a job that I might not enjoy as much as another but we are just praying for the whole package. God has the plan and we really want what He has for us.
  • A place to live. We are really praying that God would provide our own place before Adalie comes. She is due September 1st.

As I've said before we really appreciate all of your prayers. It's nice to know that we are people have our back in that way. It is much needed and probably the most important thing you can do for us right now. Thank you so much to all of you!


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