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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

OK - I'm sorry I haven't been so good in updating this. We have been very busy. We have been moving around a little bit. We picked the boys up last Thursday and then stayed with a friend in her apartment here in Orange. Yesterday we came back to the Jon and Jana's to stay. It has been really hard on the boys moving around so much and not really having their own home. Ezra for a while just wanted to be in the car all the time. Sometimes he still would rather be in the car. They are having fun with all of the kids down here. I think it is good for them to get to be with friends often.

I am still looking for work and don't have anything so far. I was able to go to a job fair yesterday in Anaheim and met some cool people. One job seemed very promising. The position is almost exactly what I was doing in Portland except minus the technical part. I also met some people from a college called Platt College. They specialize in graphic design and multimedia with a concentrated area in web design. I am really interested in taking a couple courses to see if I can get my skills in that area a little more marketable. Just some thoughts at this point.

The Portico:
Things at the Portico are amazing. God is really working here in a new way. We have been able to hang out with people every single night of the week and none of it has been pushed. There is no program and no rushing off to this or that. It's organic and beautiful. We are sharing meals together and our lives and becoming close with the community here. We are seeing lives changing around our communities and I believe that God is opening the eyes of people to see His plan for His people here in Orange. It is so wonderful to be a part of this. All Glory to God for getting us down here and continuing to work on our behalf.

--> The beautiful sunny weather!
--> We are still eating and have a roof over our heads!
--> Gas is so much cheaper down here when compared to Portland. $2.11 a gallon.
--> God is faithful and has continued to show his plan to us. Not always as quickly as we would like but we know we're in the right place doing the right thing!

Prayer Requests:
--> At the top of the list is a job.
--> And then of course a place to live of our own.
--> Continued spiritual growth at The Portico.
--> Continued Community growth at The Portico.



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