Faith In The OC

Friday, June 11, 2004

Trip Update
Happy Friday to everyone. I just wanted to update you on our trip down to the OC last weekend and the first part of this week. It really was incredible. We had such a good time with Jon and Jana (the pastor of The Portico and his wife). It was like we had been friends for years! God is definitely orchestrating this! It was also very nice to meet everyone else involved with the church. It was like being with family. It was so wonderful to feel like we were at home. BIG thanks to all of you down there for making this time really special for us. We can't wait to be there with you all the time!

The Job Front:
I had an informal meeting with a guy from Ikon. It was a really good meeting and I found that there is a possible position opening up in a couple months from now. It sounds like the position would be perfect for me even down to my years support HP. It is not a job that I will be able to nail down before we move but definetly something to be looking at in the near future. I also had an interview with Apple One. They are a staffing company and seem to have a lot of higher end customer service positions that I would be good for. My account manager said that they would have to wait to start looking until I am down there however I got a call from her on Wed. saying that she had found a position that she thought I would do really well in and that she was going to try to get me a phone interview and see if they didn't mind waiting for me to get there. Praise God!

The House Front:
We looked at several houses and condos that we liked. It doesn't really look like apartment living is the same as it is up here. Most of the apt. complexes we looked at were really run down and seemed to be in "The Hood". It is hard to nail anything down without having a job and steady income so it looks like will probably have to stay with someone for a while. God has a plan.

Prayer List:
--> A place to stay for a month, maybe 2.
--> Please still be praying for a job although it is looking good.
--> Please also continue to pray for health care for Colleen and the baby. That too is looking positive. It looks like she may be able to get on the California medical plan.
--> Right now this is a really big one: We need just about $2000 to rent the truck and pay for gas to get us moved. God has a plan we just don't know what it is yet!

--> We had a safe and absolutely amazing trip down to the OC and back.
--> God hasn't changed. He loves us and is taking care of us. The plan never seems to be clear until we are right on top of it but the evidence of His hand moving is clear.

Thank you for all of your prayers and everything else that you have been doing for us. We love you all! I will write again soon. Sorry this one took me so long to get out. We love you all and again thank you so much for everything!


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