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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Hey! Lots of packing going on here. I wish I could say that we were all packed and ready to go but that is not the case. We had been shooting for completion yesterday but we just couldn't make it. Way too much to do. Today we stayed home from church to try and get it all done. I am sitting in a pretty empty office right now. My typing is echoing! :) There is still time left in the day so hopefully we knock it all out today. If not it will be tomorrow.

We have Colleen's last Dr. Appointment to check on Adalie. It has been a very smooth pregnancy thus far so no concern. It is a little hard though because we have liked our Dr. So much. He is a Christian guy which we didn't know when we started seeing him when Leif was on the way but through talking it became pretty apparent and when Ezra was born he came back in the room later and prayed over Ezra. Blew my mind. So we kinda wish we could move him with us! Then we have lots of loose ends to take care of. Tuesday is the day we pack the truck so that day is pretty much shot. My parents come into town around 2 and so they will be able to help and then we are going to have one last BBQ and possibly some fireworks. Depends on how tired we are!

Prayer List:
--> We need a place to live. Thanks to Jon and Jana we will have a place to land for our first couple days and we will set up operation there to get everything situated.
--> To get a place to live I still need a job. We are praying for a job that allows me to do what we are moving to Orange County to do but will also pay our bills which will be high.
--> Health Care. It appears that since Colleen is pregnant it will not be difficult to get on the California Medical Plan. We are praying that this will be a smooth process and that there isn't a huge gap in insurance. Adalie is due September 1st which is only 2 months away.

Some of these things seem impossible. But I know that God has a plan. We would not have gotten this far if this was not His will. We have totally given it up to Him because it is just too big and we didn't want to make a wrong move. So this is God. He does have a plan and we are excited to see how it works out.

--> Again all to God's glory we have all but 300 dollars that is needed to make our move.
--> We are praising God that we have a place with Jon and Jana to land when we arrive in the OC!
--> I am just basking in the fact that all of the details are coming together and I haven't done any pushing. It's all God. This move and all of the small miracles that are equaling a VERY big one are all God and none of me. We feel so priveledged to be chosen for something like this. A couple years ago I might not have felt that way but God choose us to have incredible faith, gave us the training for it, gave us the strength for us, and is working everything out better than we could ever have planned ourselves!

So there it is.


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