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Monday, June 21, 2004

Happy Monday from Home!! It was so nice to sleep in this morning! We've started the packing process and it is going quite well. We were surprised at how much we were able to get rid of. We have ended up with a lot less stuff than we thought so that is great. We still have a busy week of packing and getting ready but it looks like there is some time left for hangin out with the boys and having fun. It's been pretty hot here so I think we are going to do a lot of swimming over at Colleen's parent's pool. Thanks to them for offering it up!

So here is something interesting that happened to me the other day:
For the past year I have been going to the same place to get gas. I really like Chevron Gas (call me crazy but it just seems to burn the cleanest and my car runs better when I'm using it. I also seem to get better gas mileage) so I would stop by one that was on my way to work. It was the cheapest around and also on my in the morning so it just made sense! For those of you not in Oregon - we are not allowed to pump our own gas. Strange I know but it is actually a law here. After a while I started to get to know the guy who was there in the morning. We would talk about life and work and kids. Really cool to have someone to chat with and even get to know a little bit while getting gas at the same time. I hadn't been able to make it down there for a while for various reasons so on my last day of work I happened to need gas. When I pulled in he came running over and said: "Hey it's my guy! Have you been getting gas from somewhere else!!??" and he reached in and shook my hand. I gave him a brief story of what's been going on and told him that it was my last day of work and that we were moving to California. He seemed genuinely bummed that we weren't going to have our morning talks anymore. After pumping my gas he reached in and shook my hand again and wished me luck.

What did I take away from that - Well isn't it amazing what just being open to talk and listen to somebody can do. Not only was I affected from what God was doing but most importantly this man was affected. We didn't have to talk about anything even God or religion. There were so many mornings that the Chevron Gas Man just needed to share some of his life frustrations and some of his greatest joys. I was just a friend and that was enough. God used the simplest of situations to use me in someone else's life. The coolest thing about this was that He used the gas man to affect me too. It's nice to have someone that knows you and confides in you. I come away from this knowing that we have to be open to just talking and spending a little time out of our busy days to get to know people. It's what changes the world. Jesus did it time and time again. I realize the thing I don't do enough is to ask God to show me everyday where that situation may be. I think I may have missed out on some wonderful opportunities because I wasn't willing to come out of my hiding place and I wasn't open to giving someone else a chance to come out of theirs.


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